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Drug & Alcohol Prevention Policy

It is the policy of this college that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, use or abuse of alcohol and/or illicit drugs on the Queen City College campus or property owned or leased by Queen City College, or as part of any activity of Queen City College is strictly prohibited.  All employees and students are subject to applicable federal, state, and local laws related to this matter.  Any violation of this policy WILL result in disciplinary actions as set forth in Queen City College catalogs and the Financial Aid Office Policy Manual.

Queen City College will impose the appropriate sanctions on any employee or student who fails to comply with the terms of this policy.  Possible disciplinary sanctions for failure to comply with the terms of the school policy may include one or more of the following:

Addendum to Financial Aid

A student convicted of any offense under Federal or State Law involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance while receiving Title IV Funding (as defined in section 102 (6) of the Controlled Substance Act) will NOT be eligible for any Title IV grant, loan, or work assistance during the period beginning with the date of the conviction and ending after the interval described in the law.  If you are unsure about eligibility of conviction you may call (800) 433-3234.

Period of eligibility: if convicted of a drug related offense while receiving Title IV funding, eligibility is lost as follows:

1. Possession of a controlled substance:

2. Sale of a controlled substance:

Transferability of Credit Disclosure

Transferability of Credit Disclosure

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